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A Holistic Approach to Plant Health Care

Similar to humans, plants also require dedicated health care to ensure that everything is well. Though out the changing environmental conditions provided by Northern Virginia’s four seasons, your plants need continual check-ups to detect symptoms at their earliest point. Potomac Flower & Garden Design combines monitoring, preventative treatments and coordinated care to create a holistic approach to maintaining your plant’s health. As your trusted plant health care specialist we keep your property looking and feeling spectacular all season long.

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Integrated Pest Management

Plant health care is essential to maintaining your landscaping’s appearance and vitality. Working closely with you, our plant health care specialists in Northern Virginia will regularly monitor and evaluate your landscape’s plants. Benefits of taking advantage of our plant health care services include:

Healthy from the Get-Go

We proactively keep your plants and trees healthy from the get-go without cycles of decline. We regularly inspect for pest and disease issues, as well as issues with your soil and your plants’ access to nutrients.

Preventative Treatment and Monitoring

We take a proactive approach to plant health care. We provide regular monitoring and targeted preventative treatments to protect you landscape investments. Careful monitoring of your landscape will hopefully allow us to detect any life-threatening issues before they have time to fully develop. Problems that go on too long before being detected often lead to costlier and more drastic solutions. We try to avoid the need for drastic replacement of landscape plants or the need for precarious or hazardous tree removals through or preventative treatments and monitoring.

Coordinated Care

Allowing us to provide both you landscaping and plant health care services allows us to coordinate all treatment plans to ensure the health of your trees, shrubs and other plants. We understand the complex relationship between maintenance practices, environmental conditions and plant health. Having maintenance services working hand in hand with plant health care services provides the most optimal conditions for a healthy landscape.

Customized Plant Health Care Programs

Because every landscape is unique, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to plant health care. When you call Potomac Flower & Garden Design for plant health care services in Great Falls and surrounding areas of Northern Virginia or Maryland, you can expect us to create a customized plant health care program just for you. Whether you’d like us to focus on a few key plants or your entire landscape, we can work within your budget to provide the right level of plant health care for your needs. Please contact us to learn more or to request a site assessment to get started!

Create Your Own Personal Oasis