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Stunning, Year-Round Seasonal Flower Installations

Adding stunning seasonal flowers to your landscape can add a much-needed pop of color and create more dimension to your outdoor space. Potomac Flower & Garden Design is capable of installing multiple seasonal flower rotations year-round for residential clients across Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our seasonal flower rotations provide the WOW factor you’ve never seen before!

Summer flowerpot installations can enhance your home’s entrance, as well as your entertaining areas, including your pool decks and patios, while the right fall annual installations can help you retain a vibrant landscape all winter-long. When we install seasonal flowers, we also take the time to properly prepare your soil with slow-release fertilizers to ensure the right growing environment.

red tulips

Benefits of Installing Seasonal Flowers

There are many benefits of installing seasonal flowers to your landscape, including:

Easy Maintenance

Annual flowers are often easier to maintain than perennials because many of these varieties are relatively self-sufficient. Some even leave behind a replacement when they die. However, if landscaping isn’t really your thing, you can count on our experienced team to provide personalized, year-round care!

Increased Curb Appeal

Anything that you can do to make your property more visually appealing for potential buyers goes a long way to increasing your curb appeal and making your property stand out from that of your neighbors.

A Focal Point of Interest

Although trees, shrubs and potted plants provide much-needed texture to your landscaping, flowers often serve as a vibrant focal point of interest.

Request an Estimate for Seasonal Flower Installation

Potomac Flower & Garden Design’s horticulturalists have many years of experience to professionally assist you in selecting the right flower varieties to withstand the Northern Virginia and Maryland climate. You can rest assured that we know which flowers especially thrive in our area to ensure your landscape remains visually interesting throughout all four seasons.

We’re also capable of periodically returning to your property to maintain your flower installations year-round, clearing your flower beds of weeds, dead flowers or leaves as necessary. To learn more about our seasonal flower installation services in Great Falls and surrounding areas, please contact us. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss all of your available residential landscaping options in further detail!

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