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The Potomac Flower Newsletter, November 2021

Potomac Flower & Garden Design is Beginning a Series of Monthly Newsletters to Inform Our Clients of What Can Be Expected Each Month.

Welcome to the first ever Potomac Flower Newsletter. We've decided to start this company update to keep current and future clients in the loop with what we've got going on each month. There couldn't be a better month to kick this off - as November is the official beginning of holiday décor! If you missed our last post, we'll cover a bit more on that here.

Also covered in this post: bulb planting, leaf cleanup, fall cleanup, cutbacks, and winterizing perennial beds, irrigation shut downs and winterizing fountains and ponds, cool-season broadleaf weed treatments, and lawn fertilization. Plus, a job has opened up in our Plant Health Care department. Read on to learn more.

Bulb flowers such as daffodils must be planted in the fall in order to bloom in the spring!

Bulb Planting

From now until the ground is completely frozen is the perfect time to plant bulbs for spring. These bulbs include flowers such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, alliums, and snowdrops. Spring bulb flowers are always the first thing to bloom, bringing a fresh burst of life to your garden after a long winter.

Leaf Cleanup

Given this year's extended summer season, it took a bit longer than usual, but we are finally nearing the end of the 2021 leaves. This means it's time to clean up all of the fallen. We have many clients scheduled for leaf cleanup this month and services have already begun.

Cool-Season Broadleaf Weed Treatments and Lawn Fertilization

With the leaves out of the way, we will be running our final round of cool-season broadleaf weed treatments. This includes weeds such as wild strawberries, clovers, and creeping Charlie. We will also be running a final round of lawn fertilization for the year while there's still enough warmth and sunlight for the grass to grow. These nutrients will allow the grass to continue to grow a deeper root system to get it through the winter until we resume with spring fertilization.

Fall Cleanup, Cutbacks, and Winterizing Perennial Beds

We prepare perennial beds for winter by simply cutting them back. This just means that we cut them down to the ground, removing all flowers and stems. Doing this allows the plant to focus all of its resources on strengthening its roots through the winter. The beds will look tidy and manicured for now, and your perennials will return in the spring with new life. Mulching in the fall is also a good way to protect perennials in the winter while adding color and polishing the look of your garden.

Irrigation Shut Downs and Winterizing Fountains and Ponds

Shutting down irrigation systems is a part of our standard maintenance contract. As temperatures drop, we begin to shut down irrigation systems by blowing any remaining water out of the tubes so that it does not freeze and cause damage.

PHC Specialist Job

We are excited to announce that we are looking to expand our team. Our plant health care department is looking for a Plant Health Care and Lawn Care IPM Technician. The responsibilities of this position will be to inspect, monitor, and apply treatment to trees, shrubs, turf and other horticultural specimens. The role will require the ability to identify and evaluate any disease or physical problem with a plant or tree. To learn more about this position, check out our listing on

And Of Course, Gearing Up for Christmas

The Christmas season is among the busiest for the team at Potomac Flower & Garden Design, but it is also a renowned favorite. We have so much in store, especially in the Flowers and Seasonal Decor department. As mentioned in a previous post, we are still scheduling clients for holiday decor until this coming Friday, November 5th. Please contact us soon to guarantee your booking! Included in the services offered are Christmas containers, outdoor decor including wreaths, garlands, and lighting, and indoor decor including tree trimming, stair and mantle garlands, and centerpieces. These services extend not only to residential properties but businesses as well.

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