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The Potomac Flower Newsletter, February 2022

We have a very special edition of the Potomac Flower Newsletter this month, as we announce our latest project: the restoration and renovation of an original piece of Loudoun County history.

Restoring An Original Schoolhouse

Something that not all of our customers know about us is that in 2019, Potomac Flower & Garden Design moved just around the corner from our previous location in the old portion of Sterling off of route 28. We moved to an approximately 3-acre lot where we have the space to store all of our trucks and equipment as well as all of our plants and flowers. Up until very recently, our small office staff worked from the building on the west end of the lot. This building just so happens to have an incredible historical significance in the community, being that it was the very first public schoolhouse to ever exist in Loudoun County. As could be expected, in the 140+ years since it was constructed, the building has fallen to a bit of disrepair. We couldn't be happier to announce our plans to restore the old building into something the community can be proud of. With that in mind, we're also thrilled to be gaining a beautiful new workspace.

The school house was originally built as a farm-style home, as all of Loudoun County at that time was farmland. Our intention is to restore as much of the structure's original beauty as possible. According to local news articles, such as those in Loudoun Now and Patch, many small renovations have been done to the building since the school closed in 1947, bringing us to what we have now: Thin coats of paint turning old doors into makeshift walls, ceilings made from at least 3 different materials, and walls constructed from drywall in some areas and bead-board in others - sometimes even within the same few feet.

It won't be until the ceiling comes down that we will know what we are working with, but the hope is to first restore the original oak beams and brick fireplace, then add drywall for a look that is both modern and timeless. We will be redoing the ceiling and walls in the remainder of the building with drywall to achieve continuity from room to room.

Building a New Greenhouse

While the schoolhouse is being restored, we also have another construction being built on the opposite side of the property. This is for the greenhouse that was mentioned back in our December newsletter. We finally broke ground at the beginning of the month and should have a completed greenhouse structure by the beginning of March. We look forward to housing this year's tropicals as soon as they arrive, and with summer planting quickly approaching, the timing couldn't be more perfect!

Your Next Project

We're loving having the opportunity to bring our customers with us on this journey of expansion and growth. Our hope is that we can continue to grow with you by taking on your next project! Give us a call to discuss installs, hardscaping, veggie gardens, and more.

And That's February

Keep an eye out for updates and stories on our restoration project! The only thing we're more excited about than seeing our new space come to life is sharing the progress with you!

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