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LMN Customer Portal

The LMN Customer Portal is a tool that allows you to see all of the information from jobs on your properties in real-time.

The portal also makes it easier than ever to make payments from anywhere, from any of your personal devices. We're going to be sending out invitations to join us on the platform soon, so here's some information to get you started.


As soon as you receive your invitation from us, you may register a new account. Once this is done you will be able to log in. You will first be directed to the Jobsites page, where you will be able to see all of your properties on a map.

This view can show you jobs in progress, as well as jobs completed within the week.

Clicking on a property pin will show you a quick-view of a visit's details for the selected property, while clicking on the jobsite from the list to the right of the map will open an expanded view of services in progress, planned, or completed, as well as materials used and any notes and photos from the job.


The map view may be best for customers with multiple properties, but many of our customers have only one property. Those of you may prefer to view your jobs from the Dashboard, which is located on the menu on the left. From here you will see all of your upcoming visit details on a vertical timeline.


Returning to the menu on the left, the invoices tab allows customers to see all of their invoices. Invoices can be searched from the top of the page with filter options for the time period and status of the invoice. Payments can be made directly from this page by simply clicking on the invoice you would like to pay.

From here you will be able to select 'checkout' to pay via ACH or debit/credit card. You will also be able to save your payment methods if you wish.


The Profile page allows customers to make changes to their portal account. You will be able to disable email notifications, change your password, edit or delete payment methods, and enable automatic payments. If you wish to log out of your Customer Portal account, you will find that button on the top right of the profile page.


Finally, the Users page allows you to add additional users as well as select permissions for each. Permissions are outlined to the right of the user list. You will have the option to add a basic user with limited access, an accounting user with basic access and the ability to complete payments, and an admin user with full access to the entire account.

The ability to add users to your account is great for homeowners with property managers who handle schedules and billing. It's just as useful for keeping significant others in the loop with services going on at home.

It's All Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for an email from us in the coming month. This is how you will receive your invitation to join us on the customer portal. We'll keep putting out additional information as the customer portal is updated and new features are added.

Want to learn more?

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