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Holiday Decor Services

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Lights! Garlands! Wreaths! Action!

Happy November, Everybody! We all know what it's time for, right? It's time to start thinking about your outdoor holiday decor! As always, Potomac Flower & Garden Design has you covered. Here's a little refresher about our happy holiday operation:


We’re excited to begin your winter wonderland with a professional lighting installation for your trees and house. We start with the large 1 1/4 inch C9 bulbs, spaced twelve inches apart. Their intensity and spacing are excellent for readability from far away, like lining roofs and framing houses. C9 bulbs are also used for wrapping more sizable trees and shrubs, such as Hollies and Magnolias. Think of C9s as the nostalgic, teardrop Christmas bulb shape. We purchase our C9 bulbs separately from their power cords, so color combinations of any variety and pattern are possible by request! But of course, our classic color choice is warm white. We use the much smaller 5mm warm white LEDs for achieving more densely wrapped coverage on smaller items. A tighter wrap means more bulbs are used, which increases visibility in wreaths, garlands, and trees with thinner branches, like cherries and crape myrtles.

Outdoor Garlands and Wreaths

Our custom garlands are made for you using materials like magnolia leaves, mixed cedar, and noble fir. We take pride in carefully wrapping our garlands around pillars and across railings with neatness and precision. These can either be covered in lights or left natural. Around your front door, you can choose a classic garland (just the greens) or one of our premium garlands, loaded with ornaments and pinecones. After our install crews hang garlands, the design team comes out to custom install premium elements.

The wreaths are made of the same materials to match your garlands, but can also be enhanced with additional facets such as pinecones and other dried pieces. Ribbons and bows are also a popular addition to the traditional wreath, so we keep well stocked in all classic holiday colors - reds, greens, and golds, with many variations.

What About The Containers?

Of course, we're doing containers, too! We will take your pots and planters and turn them into showstoppers – as we do every other season – but with a little extra magic. Unlike our seasonal containers, the contents are not planted. This means that the possibilities for what can be found inside are endless! We start with fresh-cut greens such as magnolia, balsam fir, juniper, cedar, and pine. Then we add elements like winterberries, pinecones, and ornaments to dress them up. Before you know it, your containers will be the talk of your next party and your friends' envy. Check out this post to know exactly what to expect from your holiday containers.

And don't forget; we do inside your home as well! Everything from trees to garlands, to mantlepieces and centerpieces. Whether you need a bit of assistance or would like the entire job completed by us, give us a call!

Here's How to Get Started

Call our office or send us an email to get started. Submitting the form at the bottom of our website works as well. We will reach back out to set up a time to meet with you. From there we will discuss your Holiday desires and provide professional design ideas. Then we can review your existing lights and decorations to see what we have to work with. Of course, previously owning your lights and decorations is not a requirement. We've got plenty available for purchase. And when you buy your lights through us, we will offer you storage solutions to keep your investment safe until next year.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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