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Winter Flowers

Installs Begin: Early November

Installs End: Mid-December

Centerpieces: Willow, Birch, Eucalyptus, Pine.

Annuals: Unlike our seasonal containers, the contents of our Winter containers are not planted. Instead of filling the container with annuals, we start with fresh-cut greens such as magnolia, balsam fir, juniper, cedar, and pine. Then we add dried elements like winterberries and pinecones. We often finish with ornaments for a classic Holiday look, though these are not required.

Colors: Traditional Holiday colors include reds, greens, blues, golds, and silvers, though there are no rules when it comes to our containers! While the majority of the container will be green, accent pieces, branches, and ornaments can be done in any color we can find in a can of paint.

Winter Flowers

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