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Spring Flowers

Installs Begin: Early March

Installs End: Mid-April

Centerpieces: Colorful Spring options include Heather, Poppies, and Snapdragons, though we also use perennials such as Ferns. We add cut branches such as Willow, Birch, and Eucalyptus to create our show-stopping Spring centerpieces.

Annuals: Much like Fall, Spring color is largely achieved using Pansies and Violas. The Spring line-up also includes cool-weather favorites such as Osteos, Nemesia, Dianthus, Lobelia, and Lobularia.

Colors: Spring is flexible, like any other season, but there are a few staples. This is the season where you will see the most pastels, like soft pinks and baby blues. Whites and dainty chiffon yellows are also popular in the springtime.

Spring Flowers

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