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Fall Flowers

Installs Begin: Mid-September

Installs End: Late October

Centerpieces: In the Fall, we make use of some of the taller ornamental grasses, such as Pennisetum and Millet, as they naturally possess the height that we look for in a centerpiece. Additional centerpiece options include Hydrangeas, Ferns, Echinacea, Cryptomeria, and Arborvitaes.

Annuals: Our centerpieces are held cozily together with generous plantings of our favorite fall annuals, like the almighty Pansy, its little sis the Viola, and all of the fun ornamentals: peppers, cabbage, kale, and smaller grasses. Additional Fall annuals include favorites like asters and mums, along with other likes plectranthus and celosia.

Colors: Fall holds all our homiest, harvest-inspired designs. We're going for combinations that remind us of all this season offers: Rich golds and coppers bring a familiar sense of wonder, like the feeling of leaves crunching under our boots. Deep purples and wine reds keep us warm when the sun drops down early, and forest greens inspire feelings of abundance.

Fall Flowers

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